working of heat sink and alternate

Heat sink is a metal piece, which work to transfer the heat from hot body to cold body. Or we can say that hot metal piece to cold side. And these are the common metals used to make the heat sink . Aluminium alloy 1050-A has one of the higher thermal conductivity values at 229 W/m•K. But it is mechanically soft. Aluminium alloys 6060 and 6063 are commonly used, with thermal conductivity values of 166 and 201 W/m•K, respectively. The values depend on the temper of the alloy.

And the another main purpose of the heat sink is increase the surface area of the place. Where the heat is generated. As seen in the below image. Its look like a combination of metal plate. But technically the design is make to increase the surface area.

heat sink

Heat sink is not only used for our cpu, laptop or other computer devices. But it is used everywhere. Where the need of heat transfer or exchange of heat. You also see this type structure in nearby transformers. Which also have a heat sin exchanger.

How CPU Heat sink work

Our normal CPU and laptop have many component. Which generate the heat during the run time. Main component is our processor, which generate lot of heat, according to its clock frequencies. And when we do heavy gaming on our computer. So here we use the head sink along with cooling fan. You can seen in the below image.


first processor is attached with the motherboard plate. And then by the help of mechanical part, we attached the heat sink just above the processor. In the some cases or may be many cases we used the cooling paste along with sink. Mainly cooling paste is used with laptops due to complex design. And at the end we install the fan on it. Fan is increase the efficiency of the heat sink. Because it provide air with speed on sink. Which help to exchange the heat fastly. Now in new computers, the cooling fan is adjust the speed according to temperature. Mainly in laptop to save the battery power.

Alternate of heat sink

Alternate of heat sink is nothing. But in complex design devices like laptops and mobiles. We use the cooling paste with air pipe. Generally you can see this design in your slim laptop.


As we seen in the above image their is pipe, which connected with fan. And this fan passes the air through pipes. And with the help of the cooling paste, It takes down the temperature of the processor. Due to the high complex design this method is used as a cooling system. May be in some cases heat sink is also install in the laptops. After that water cooling system is come. Which working is some different as compare to the air cooling system.

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