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As we know that window  is the most popular operating system all over the world. Normal user who has not done any technical work, they mostly always go with the window operating system. And those are the technical guy they prefer Mac operating system. And lastly Linux desktop users is very less, if we compare to the Microsoft and Mac. I am not talking about the embedded Linux system, or server systems apart from that, I am talking about the Linux Desktop edition which run on the laptops or desktops

Here’s the graph of year 2017, operating system according to

operating static 2017 geeky direct

Only around 6% space is cover by Linux.

Why peoples don’t use Linux

Linux has also a graphical interface like other operating system but not same as the other operating system. And it is also free and open source, but still peoples not use the Linux. And here are also some reasons below, why peoples don’t use the linux.

  1. It’s does not have good enough graphical interface.
  2. Some general software is not available for linux.
  3. No simple click installation.
  4. Different types of configurations.
  5. Game is not run perfectly.
  6. Some work is only done by shell.
  7. Different file systems and management.
  8. Some hardware part not support the Linux kernal.
  9. Driver not found easily.
  10. Users don’t know the alternate of software.

So these are reason why not peoples go with Linux. These are the reason, but now we understand the other reason those  solve these problems and specially programmers and technical student should be go with Linux operating system

Features of Ubuntu Linux over window

There are the lots of features of Linux over window. Step by step we cover some features of Linux. Firstly I cleared why I written Ubuntu Linux. Because Ubuntu distribution is come with lots of customized features, pre installed Software, good GUI etc. We makes the list of features below.

  1. Ubuntu come wtih open Lg and GNOME desktop user interface. So it look very good like a mac interface.
  2. Second it’s come with Ubuntu software centre which have bundle of every type of software. So users easily installed the software with couples of click.
  3. One things is makes your Ubuntu Desktop very cool, that is Compiz software. Install via Ubuntu software centre and watch the config video on Youtube.
  4. Linux is come with Bash shell, which do any thing in Linux. It’s not like an Unix shell but something like that.
  5. Ubuntu have a software like Libre Office writer, Libreoffice cacl etc. which is alternate of Microsoft word, excel , power point etc.
  6. You also installed the window software on Linux with help of wine software in Ubuntu.
  7. You also installed the Play with Linux software for install and run game. But its not run all the games.
  8. If you are the programmer so it’s icing on the cake. Because Linux have bunch of tools, API which is very helpful to programmer.
  9. Support of Ubuntu Linux is awesome. Every solution is available on it own forum.
  10. Linux is run on low configuration hardware. Even its run on old hardware.

These are the only 10  highlight features of Ubuntu Linux. There are also lots of features of Ubuntu which you can read in Ubuntu doc. Below images are my Ubuntu desktop images, which looks more beautiful then window or mac desktop.

  MY main desktop

Geeky direct desktop

Ubuntu software centre

features of Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Terminal

geeky direct terminal

So, I think you must be try Ubuntu Linux or may other Linux distribution at least one. May be you feel some nice experience with Linux. And You well know about the features of Ubuntu Linux.



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