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All we are love to play a game on computers , laptops, mobiles and other multimedia devices. Almost all game lovers wants to heavy gaming on our pc and laptops. But some of them are run and some of them are not run. So here  they are used some software like 3-D analyzer, Game booster to run heavy games. But really, can you play the heavy games without graphics card. Let’s see

First give answer of the some questions.

  • Can i convert 1 GB ram into 2 GB ram by using some software.
  • can i developed a software without coding.

So, These are the two questions. I know you are wondering, What he wants to ask. And i think all know about the answer of the questions. Exactly answer is NO.

Similarly, we can’t play a heavy games on computers without graphics card. Now we understand, why we need a graphics card to run heavy games.

heavy gaming

  • Heavy gaming most frequent use of a discrete GPU. Many games are rendering 3D environments and special effects in real time and it takes some serious computing power to do it. But our normal GPU (graphical processing unit) is capable to do these task.
  • Larger display environments. Simply put, there is an upper limit to how many monitors you can run at high resolution before you start to need more graphics processing power. SO here also we need external graphics card to do it.

So these are some reason but apart form that their are also many technical reason. Which contribute in gaming.


Many software are available in market to run heavy games without dedicated graphics card. Now we understand, how they work to run our games. Game developing companies define the minimum requirements to run on pc before launching their games. If they requirements not meet our laptop, pc  and devices. So we got error message. something like this.

game error message

But game booster software like 3-D analyzer, game booster. They create a virtual environment for the games. That mean software shows the game. This environment is meet your minimum requirements. And game application is run without graphics card.

And the second thing those he do it. It clear the RAM and kill the Useless or may be some important processes which run in background. Then they make a space for the game.

But the problem is here, is game is not run smoothly. And we faces a lots of lag between playing. And our processor run on stress conditions. Which is not good for our laptops, pc.

So the conclusion is, we can not play a heavy games without graphics card. But normal games which have low pc requirements can play. We add the external graphics card in our pc. if they have an option. But in laptop we can not add dedicated graphics card, Few laptop have an option of dedicated graphics card. If you want a heavy gaming on laptop. So best option is buy gaming laptops.

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