acer no boot

Recently i was faced one problem in my acer laptop. When i was formatting my acer laptop couple days ago. After the formatting i start installing the drivers. But At the time of installing firmware drivers, laptop is automatically restart. And at the time of booting i saw some process is  going  on the screen. After that one message came on my screen that is NO BOOTABLE DEVICE like this.

no bootable device

Then i press Numbers of keys on keyword but not any change is taken by screen. And laptop is unable to start normally.

Understand what’s the problem is 

Here the problem is , whenever we update our BIOS  by firmware drivers. Sometimes the drivers in not properly installed in the system and your laptop goes on unstable state.If you laptop goes on unstable state, so my advice to you to visit near service center for fix it.  But if the drivers is successfully installed  and after that if you seen this message on screen “NO BOOTABLE DEVICE” so, there is nothing to worry its easy to fix. This problem is arise, Because firmware driver is reset your boot setting from BIOS.

How to fix no bootable device problem

  • First completely shutdown your laptop by pressing the on/off button for a while.
  • Then again press the on button only once.
  • And immediately press F2 key until your BIOS setting is not open.
  • Then go to the boot section in the menu and disable the secure boot.

secure boot disable

  • And then change the UEFI into legacy mode. It also available in boot section.
  • Then save the setting and exit.
  • Remember this setting is vary form different to different computers and laptops.
  • And sometimes it work on UEFI mode.
  • So set it according to your computer and operating system.

After do this your, if your computer having any operating system so it boot up automatically. Otherwise first you need to install operating system. And remember one thing if you system is come with Linux operating system, so In that case window operating system is run on Legacy mode.

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