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ISP tracking is a big question mark in our mind. That mean we don’t know clearly, our ISP (Internet service provider) is keep a record of our browsing data or not. And without ISP we don’t access the internet. So here the question is why ISP is record out data and what they do with our data. One by One I explain the whole scenario.

Sometimes we visit lots of sites. some are private and some are not private. But sometimes we sit in a room alone and browse the private data. These browsing will be anything like  bank website or make an payment on any website. And we think no one is watch me. And many times we open the guest mode or incognito mode to avoid save log or histories. Then we feel, we are completely safe. But in reality many sites still record your data on servers and may be ISP  is record you data before you deleted it.

Why ISP is save you browsing data

Internet service Provides is save your browsing data and then sell it to others Websites or companies. And these companies are used these data to show advertising and relevant products on your desktop, laptops and mobiles. And also some times data is record for the security purpose.

isp tracking

But here are the some rules and guides lines, which is makes by goverments, which is must be follow by the internet service provider. But whose know they follow or not.


  • Using VPN- Use virtual private network to protect our self. Due to the VPN your browsing data will  pass through virtual private network. So Internet service provider is track the virtual private network rather than your computer.
  • Using TOR- Use the onion routing browser. Which provide the multiple layer of IP. So In that case Internet service provider will track the proxy IP rather than you original IP.
  • Combination of TOR and VPN- Using both will give the best security.
Disadvantages of using TOR and VPN

Using of TOR and VPN is slow down the browsing speed. Because our request and data pass through the multiple network which reside on different countries and cities. So we need a high speed stable Internet or network connection.

If you the normal user and browse the normal websites like Facebook, gmail, etc.  So according to me their is no need to use TOR and VPN. But you are using the some confidential browsing or using bank websites. An other work which you want not be explore then you go with TOR and VPN.

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