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Samsung has been launched smartphone printer for those, whose wants to be capture the moments in hard photographs instead of memory card. Before Samsung some famous companies like HP, ZIP already launched mobile or smartphones printers. But this time Samsung launched his own smartphone printer with some cool features and good design.

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Now lets see some highlight features of this printer. Firstly this printer is both lightly and handy and fit comfortably in your pocket. And  It also features a useful flip cover with an inner sleeve, so you can easily store your photos. It’s provide high resolution image with 336 dpi with the power of 700 mAh battery.

Specs of Samsung portable smartphone printer

  • Dimension- Firstly it’s a smartphone printer so its dimension should be less. So Samsung design with        88.5 X 139.6 X 29mm (WXHXD). Which gives the comfortable hold in hand just like any smartphone power bank.
  • Resolution- Resolution is the second main aspect of this printer. Because in the high definition world, if printer print the low resolution or billar images so no one buy it. So this printer come with 336 dpi resolution.
  • Paper size- It’s support 98 X 56 mm size sticker paper. And it’s holds the 20 sheet in a printer. It’s uses sticker paper which not needs to requires the ink for printing. So need not to worry about the ink.
  • connectivity- Printer support NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. I don’t no know why Samsung not give the Bluetooth support. But the NFC support is there if you mobile have a NFC. So it will work fine.
  • Battery- As we know that it’s a portable printer. It requires the battery for working. So here Samsung provides 700 mAh Li-polymer battery which gives you nice battery backup. And take 120 min to full charge.
  • Application- It’s run on Android operating system. And its support PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and JPEG file format.
  • Weight- Printer have a low weight that is 226 gram. It less then any power bank.

mobile printer

Price of Samsung portable smartphone printer

Samsung does not declare the price for India. But its available on And its price is 129 Euro that mean around 9930 INR. I know what you think, its very costly but we know that overall it’s a Samsung product. And Every Samsung flagship product is costly.

This printer is useful for those peoples those are traveler, tourister, and immediate get the hard copy of images. If you are the normal user so i recommended  don’t buy this printer. Instead of this you go with normal printer which is perfectly work for both Desktop and mobile and you also will get  a big size prints.

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