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As we know that Motorola is the most popular company since many years. They makes lots of equipment since last decade. Motorola designed and sold set-top-box, digital video recorders, wireless network equipment, base station etc. But that time common man nothing worried about that because that none of his business. But after Motorola was launched his own first android smartphone around November 2009.After that peoples know more about Motorola than they know before.

After the launched of moto smartphones, company launches some cool accessories. So In this article we will watch some cool Motorola accessories.


MOTO mods is the high light accessories by Motorola. In every smartphone launching they definitely give info about it and count special features of the MOTO mods. And why they not showed , apart from it other smartphones have not accessories like this .moto mods has unique devices from Motorola. Overall Motorola has been launched 5 MOTO mods till now.

  • JBL sound boost speaker-  This give high quality sound to you. And give the sound boost. It have own battery backup so don’t worry about you phone battery. It Play a sound around 10 hour without use your phone battery. And some highlight features of speaker such as “Listen in a snap” that means simply snap on the speaker and it plays instantly. No pairing. No hassle, Calls come in loud and clear wherever you are. And some others features. But it quite costly. You can buy this speaker from here. Flipkart || Amazon


  • Moto Insta-Share Projector- This is very unique and interesting gadget from Motorola. This gadget transform your mobile experience with 70″ big screen with Up to one extra hour of screen time that mean, Watch more before using your phone’s battery. And it also have a features “Display at any angle at any time”. In simple word Take the ultra-thin projector anywhere and share onto just about any flat surface. Use the integrated kickstand to project at any angle.


  • Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack- This gadget is just like a power bank. But it’s not look like a power bank. Its look like a back cover which gives you a 20 hours of extra battery time. And also support wireless charging.

moto_mods battery

  • Moto Style Shells- Moto style shells is not a gadget. It’s simple case cover with very good quality. It’s gives you stylish look to you phone.
  • The Hasselblad True Zoom- Hasselblad true zoom is just like a camera lense. Which gives you 10X extra optical zoom without loose photo quality and enhanced your photography.


2-: Motorola Turbo Charger 

Motorola gives a good quality chargers with nice design. And they all are fast chargers, if your smartphone supports fast charging so this charger is good for you . I know motorola charged high price for this charger. But all Motorola accessories are costly. Apart from  Motorola accessories other smartphones accessories are also costly. You can buy this charger form here- Amazon


3-:Motorola Pulse 2 Headset with Mic

One of the most budget range headphone that i ever used for listen music. And its has a decent quality sound with balance bass. And really guys this is only Motorola accessories which come in decent price. Apart from this all Motorola accessories is quite costly. Buy this lovely headphone


4-:Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch 

We know that smart watches has been come in the fashion. So here Motorola launches his own smartwatch i.e moto 360 which have a lots of features like measure heart rate, calorie, notify the messages and calls. And this watch is not only for Motorola phones. It’s support with all other smartphones.

Motorola accessories

5-:Motorola P1500 Power Pack

Motorola power bank in not a popular Motorola accessories but anyway it is manufactured by Motorola. And now days out smartphones comes with high capacity battery so we not need a power bank in many cases. But apart from that some peoples still uses power bank. But i not a fan of this power bank bank but its pretty good.


So All these Motorola accessories are more popular. But If we specific talk about the moto mods, So all Moto mods are so much costly. According to me motorola must be drop his prices. What is your view about moto mods, comments me ?


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