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Deep web or dark web is nothing. It is only non-index websites on the internet. We are surf lots of website daily. which is generally indexes in the search engines like google yahoo and many others. Almost all website is index in search engine. So whenever we search anything on search engine. Its provides the relevant content and also we put the website address directly. But we surf only 4 percent of the total internet by this way.

Deep web

But apart from that lots of things is going on the internet. Which is come in the categories  of deep web. I repeating again deep web is nothing. It’s only non-indexes websites on the internet. Many goverment’s organisation, private organisation have an particular website addresses. Which is not index in the search engines due to the security reasons. If anyone wants to be surf that types of websites. So they need an addresses of the website. The collection of these types of website is called deep web.

deep web

Surfing of the deep websites is not an illegal. But Many of the organisation is not want to, anyone surf their websites without his permissions. Still any one surf their websites and try to enter it. That is illegal. These type of organisation not indexes their website in search engine. Because these websites have a data, which is not relevant for the normal peoples. These data is anything such as company employs detail, project related data, company secretes etc.

Dark web

Dark web is a collection of all illegal sites. Which is not indexes in search engines. Deep web and dark web is similar somewhere. But the difference is that deep web sites are not serve the illegal or wrong material. On the other hand dark web serves all the ilegal material such as drugs, fake carding, gambling and all king of illegals things. These types of websites collection is come in the categories of dark web. And surf the dark web is illegal.

These websites is run through the TOR network. Due to this, tracing of these types of website is difficult. But not impossible. I suggest you not surf the dark web. Dark web is not a place for humanity.

Disclaimer-Surfing deep web on your own risk. This article is written for the educational purpose only.  If anyone surf any illegal site or unauthorized site on deep web.And on any other web. So this sites and this site owner is not responsible for that.




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