Why we use VPN and tor

All we know that, we can not surf deep web without the tor network. The reason behind is deep web addresses link is come with the .ONION extension. And run to .onion extension, we required onion routing network. Because in the deep web every one wants to be safe. Either they are website owner or visitors. And why they not use, at the end they comes on deep web for his safety and refrain from the tracing.

Now we using tor browser generally for visiting deep web website.But here peoples have a doubt that is ” If they using tor network, so they become completely anonymous on internet”. But that is the myth, Tor network is also traceable. Deep web is nothing, it is the non-indexed sites in search engines.

Most of the users some times visit deep web and dark web  along with only tor network or along with only VPN. But this is wrong, I could not explain it more, but you are smart.

Why we use VPN and tor

We should be use the combination of VPN and TOR network. Because combination of both provides the high security level. That is good for both website owner and visitors. Now understand “how combination of TOR and VPN is work”.

  • After establish the vpn and tor network.
  • First your browser is send the request to the VPN.
  • And then VPN is send the request to the tor network. TOR network have a multiple layers of ip addresses. It depend on you what type of security level is used in your tor Browser.
  • Then your request is passed through the all layers of IP.
  • And reached at the final server.
  • After that server is respond against the request. And then request would follow  same path to reached source computer.

This is how Combination of vpn and tor works. Due to the use of multiple layer of the ip and different networks, the speed of our internet become slow down. The VPN is paid or not is matter. According to me always go with paid VPN. Because free vpn may be leak our data. I suggest you, whenever you surf deep web. Always use the combination of TOR and VPN.

Disclaimer-Surfing deep web on your own risk. This article is written for the educational purpose only.  If anyone surf any ill-legal site or unauthorized site on deep web.And on any other web. So this sites and this site owner is not responsible for it.



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