World wide web  is a collection of million of files. Which stored  on thousand of servers all over the world. These files represent documents, picture, video ,song ,programs interactive environment.Following are hardware, software and protocol that make up the web and show how www working.

  •  A web server is a computer connected to the Internet. that’s run a program that takes responsibility for storing retrieving and distributing. some of the back files of that client is a computer that requested file from the web.
  • Well defined set of language and protocols. That are independent of the hardware or operating system are required to run on a computer.
  • The hypertext markup language is the universal language of the web.

www is, how we organised information over the Internet Using URLs and hyperlinks. over the time, it’s evolved to encompass browsers, laptops and phones and houses things like Search Engines and popular web services such as quara , facebook, amazon. Word wide web is technically layer structure which reside on the top of the Internet.

www working

www working or working of world wide web

world wide web uses client server interaction. The browser program acts as a client. That uses the internet to contact a remote server for a copy of the requested page. Then server on the remote system returns a copy of the page along with the additional information. The return information contain a two important thing that is.

  1. It describes how to display the information.
  2. They give a URL for each selectable item on the page.

When the browser receive the page from the a remote server. It displays the page and then wait for the user to select one of the highlighted items. once a user make a selection , the browser consults the hidden information that arrived with the page. And find the corresponds URL and display the results.

Each URL uniquely identifies a page of information by giving the name of a remote computer. A server on that computer and a specific page of information available form the server. Below image illustrate how the URL encodes the information.

www working geeky direct

World wide web was developed using the client server architecture. Which ensured cross platform portability. The www is officially described as a “wide area hypermedia information retrieval initiative”.

Server side and client side

When a user clicks on a hyperlink.  The browser carries out a series of steps in order to fetch the page pointed to.

  1. The browser determines the URL.
  2. After that browser of DNS for IP address of
  3. DNS replies with
  4. The browser makes a TCP connection to port 80 on
  5. It then send over a request asking for file /home/index.html
  6. The server sends the files/home/index.html
  7. TCP connection is released.
  8. The browser display all the text in home/index.html.
  9. Then browser fetches and display all images in the files.
The server side

These steps are server side performs.

  1. Accept a TCP connection from a client browser.
  2. Get the name of the required.
  3. Then get the file.
  4. Return the file to the client.
  5. Release the TCP connection.

So this is basic, how world wide web is work. And how our browser is deals with that. And how client and server architecture work.

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